Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blue White Roundtable Week 5

Today is hump day, what better day to forget last week’s transgressions and look forward to this coming weekend. These weeks’ questions are offered up by Nittany Notebook).

The offense looked pathetic against Michigan. Is there any hope that Penn State's offense can at least play respectably the rest of the season?

A very slight, tiny, minute hope that the offense can get it together and put up some points on the board. That is clearly the Achilles heel of the team, the defense is great, and the special teams have been top notch. The play-calling needs to improve, I don’t now how many times that will be said, they need to put Morelli in a situation where he can accel: Give Kinlaw the ball, Scott has a clear case of fumbleitis and should be benched, or least made the 2nd stringer. Andrew Quarless needs top get the ball, he is 6-5 for gods sake he'll be open on every play!

You can lay the blame for the loss to Michigan on one person. Who gets it?

The head coach, poor poor game plan, poor poor execution of the poor poor game plan. It left the defense to be exploited and tired, which led to Mike Hart being able to run the ball for 153 yds on 44 carries.

Penn State plays Illinois in a tough road test this weekend. What kind of performance do you expect from Penn State on Saturday?

I expect the defense to show up and play like bats out of hell (MEATLOAF!) I expect the offense to maintain its ineptitude but be able to run the ball a little bit better, get some short fields on some turnovers and pull it out in the 4th quarter.

Lightning Round:

After that performance against Michigan what is your new record prediction and bowl game for Penn State?

I could still see an 11-1 record, Wisconsin doesn’t seem too tough still, still struggling against weaker opponents and a night game in Happy Valley is just what the doctor orders when the Buckeyes come to town...I also could see 9-3 with losses to those two teams as well. If they got 11-1 then I see a nice bowl, Rose, Capital One, Orange..etc if 9-3 then Outback Bowl here we come!

Who starts at tailback against the Illini?

Roaustin Kinscott

Score prediction for the Illinois game.

25-15 PSU

When does A.J. Wallace finally supplant Lydell Sargeant as the other starting CB?

Probably never, you know Joe, you wouldn’t want him to get hurt playing CB, it would ruin our great return game.

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