Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blue White Roundtable...from the outside

Ok so I'm not offcially part of the Blue White Roundtable, but I am the newest member of the Penn State blogesphere so I figure I would chime in on this weeks set of questions. This weeks questions were offered up by Run Up the Score.

Reportedly, Penn State is playing some school in a mitten-shaped state this weekend. Are any of you actually optimistic for the Michigan game?

I am optimistic for the game. Not as much as I was before we struggled early against Buffalo and Michigan handled Notre Dame much better than we did(albeit with far more mental mistakes from ND). I'm looking forward to it in general because it will be the 1st time we will get to see the team play somebody, a game will finally have some meaning. If the Lions can win this game then we have the inside track for the Big Ten title and thus for a BCS bowl, and thats what we all want now isn't it?

Okay, we all know that Penn State has lost eight straight games against Michigan since 1997. Plenty of PSU fans blame the coaches' offensive game planning, calling it predictable and bland. Fair criticism? If the definition of "insane" is repeating the same act over and over again and expecting a different result, does this make our coaching staff absolutely crazy?

Yes that is very fair criticism. The offensive play-calling has been rediculous for a while, you can't build a lead by running the ball up the middle for 2 yards and then running a WR screen for 4. You saw the Michigan Defense struggle with the spread offenses of App. State and Oregon.
Wouldnt it be lovely to be able to have Michael Robinson for this game? With the speed at reciever and the play making ability of Robinson we would be 10 point favorite in this game, but instead we have Morelli. His arm strength will be an advantage so we will have to key on that, maybe throwing the ball to the middle with Andrew Quarless and some running on the outside by Kinlaw in the 1st quarter, that would be a novel idea.

List three things Penn State absolutely must do in order to finally beat Michigan.

1) Stop the Run....Mike Hart is the Hart of their team(sorry about the pun) but it is true, right now he has 500 yds and 5 tds through the 1st 3 games. If we can stuff the run then we leave Mallet to throw his way to a win.

2) Pressure Mallet, he had an easy day against Notre Dame. If the young D-line, which has looked good, can put pressure on Mallet and make him make quick indecisive decisons, that is to our advantage.

3) Better Offensive Play-calling, like I mentioned earlier, if we can get Quarless involved, his big frame should cause some match-up problems, and if the running game can get going, outside 1st, later pound it inside with Scott that should be able to put the Wolverines away.

Lightning Round:

Would you rather be facing a one-legged Henne or a two-legged Mallett this weekend?

Two-legged Mallet, although wouldnt it be nice to have to opportunity to make a no-legged Henne?

Your score prediction?

Penn State:23
Michigan: 17

In one word, tell us if the constant griping by Penn State fans about Big Ten officiating is valid.

YesNoYesNoYesNo....errr Maybe?

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