Thursday, September 20, 2007

College Football Picks Week 4

Time for the weekly Pick'em, I'm a member of both the Deadspin College Pick'em as well as the Black Shoe Diaries College Pick'em. I've faired pretty well so far, in picking 10 games each week I've only missed 6 picks (it would only be 5 if Michigan didn't suck, did anyone really think they would lose 2 in a row at home? but I digress). My record is a respectable 24-6 and I thought I would just post the games and give my picks on here.

Washington State at #1 USC
I'm going to go out on a limb here and pick the Trojans.... call me crazy but I think they are a little bit better than the Cougars.
USC wins 49-14

Iowa at #9 Wisconsin
This is an interesting match-up the Hawkeyes were the pick for the sleeper in the Big Ten by many of the experts, but they struggled mightily against Iowa State and lost the game to the then 0-2 Cyclones 15-13. No offense is not a good way to go about beating the Badgers. I see this one being close for a small amount of time, possibly until half time but then the Badgers run away with it.
Wisconsin wins 33-13

#12 South Carolina at #2 LSU
No one is better than the Bayou Bengals at this point in the season, my top ten says so, Steve Spurrier will have his hands full coming into Tiger Stadium, South Carolina will struggle with LSU's pure speed and vicious defense that has given up a total of 7 points in 3 game and the touchdown had to be reviewed. I see a big win for LSU.
LSU wins 38-12

Georgia at #16 Alabama
This game as Jaws would say will be a "good ol' fashioned snot knocker". Big tough SEC football, one team, Georgia, trying to prove that they are still a good team and deserve to be back in the Top 25. Another trying to prove they belong in the Top 25. There have been some gamesmanship already this week; Mark Richt has closed practice to the public for the 1st time in his tenor at Georgia. Nick Saban comes from the Bill Belicheat...err Belichick coaching tree; perhaps Richt is fearing someone videotaping his practice? Alabama has been pretty impressive, a nice come back win against Arkansas to put them 2-0 in their conference. This will be a very close game. Alabama pulls it out with the help of a raucous Bryant-Denny Stadium.
Alabama wins 27-23

Connecticut at Pittsburgh
A battle of the 2nd tier Big East teams, think of this as Indiana vs. Northwestern. UConn is 3-0 but should be 2-1 with a loss to Temple but the refs blew a call late in the game that would have given them the win. Pitt game MSU a run for their money but came up short last week, Pitt wins in the battle for 4th place.
Pitt wins 24-17

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State
I was at the Saloon Friday night and I got to watch as the Cowboys got their asses kicked by the Trojans.... of TROY. This OSU team was supposed to be the surprise of the Big 12, but with losses at Georgia and at Troy these cowboys are looking more like cowgirls. Tech has a huge offense as usual this year, the lowest score they have put up this year is 45. Red Raiders Roll.
Texas Tech wins 43-24

Maryland at Wake Forest
I've seen a couple of games from both of these teams and neither strikes me as being very good. Wake gave Nebraska a run for their money but as we saw Nebraska could very well have been overrated. Maryland hung with WVU for a half but fell apart in the 2nd half of that game. Wake has played much tougher competition so far (BC, Nebraska, Navy) and I think that will work to their advantage, Wake Wins.
Wake Forest wins 31-22

#21 Kentucky at Arkansas
Kentucky is coming off a huge win for their program, beating Louisville last week. Arkansas is coming off of a heartbreaking loss to the Crimson Tide in the last seconds. I think the wildcats will be just a little too out of it in order to get up for this game, Arkansas on the other hand will be ready to party. Kentucky gets run all over as it walks through this with a hangover.
Arkansas wins 34-24

North Carolina at #23 South Florida
I like this USF team a lot, the Tar Heels have struggled to win, Butch Davis is making improvements but will need a year at least of recruiting before he can make this program into something respectable. USF bulls their way to a win.
USF wins 30-16

#10 Penn State at Michigan
Here it is, the big one, the game that can turn the tide of the Nittany Lions season for better or for worse. I think if the Lions can get the ball to the outside early and keep Andrew Quarless involved often they can get an early lead. If the defense can pressure Mallet and stop Mike Hart then Penn State should be looking at a win. But if Hart can run then the Wolverines have a big chance to pull it off, if Hart runs for 150 and a TD that will set up Mallet to be able to throw the ball and that’s not at all what you want to see as a Nittany Lion fan. Mallet has good receivers to throw to and he has a cannon for an arm, if he gets time we could be in for a long day. I think the Defense will be able to keep the Lions in the game and I see them pulling it out late in the game, putting a final drive together to kill the Michigan hopes.
Penn State Wins 23-17

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