Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heisman Race Vol.I

All right time for some Heisman talk! I refrained from keeping a list of Heisman candidates for the same reason I didn’t want to have a top 10, hype can severely skew the reality. Reggie Bush had the '05 Heisman locked up from the beginning of training camp, as did Troy Smith a year ago. By waiting for a quarter of the season to be finished, we can now start to draw some actually plausible conclusions.

#1: Tim Tebow- There has been NO ONE better than Mr. Tebow so far this season, there was a lot of talk about whether he would be able to run the spread offense to the standard Urban Meyer wanted, he has answered all those questions and more. Almost 1100 yds throwing with 10 TDs with only 1 INT, hes passing for a 68% clip and has run for 358 with 7 TDs on the ground. I already have a He15man shirt.

#2: Andre' Woodson- This guy can flat out play, he’s been the leader for that Kentucky team and he is now the all-time leader for passing attempts made without an interception, 296, and that’s still going. He's got 1008 yds and 11 TDs. If Kentucky continues to play like they belong in the top half of the SEC Woodson should be getting some real publicity and will probably be the 1st QB taken in the '08 NFL Draft.

#3: Darren McFadden- Easily the most talented running back in the country, if you disagree then I would suggest you check out the run he had against Kentucky last Saturday. Big, Strong, Fast, a shame his team is 1-2 because he will be one of the most deserving players in the nation by the end of the year but will get no recognition due to the poor team record.

#4: Steve Slaton- He would be higher but he has played nobody, but that will change soon. Slaton leads the nation in touchdowns, 9, and is averaging 6 yds a carry; he can is the biggest threat to take one all the way every time.

#5: Pat White- The yin to Slaton's yang. It could be argues White is a better running back that Slaton, he’s a running quarterback that has really improved his ability to throw the ball this year, 622 yds and 6 TDs to go with 288 yds rushing and 6 TDs. Slaton and White will split the vote however...stupid Heisman Voters.

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