Monday, September 17, 2007

College Football Top 10 Vol.I

It took me 3 weeks into the college football season to start a top 10 list for a multiude of reasons, one being that i didnt get my blog up and running until week 3, but also because I hate, no I LOATHE pre-season polls. I find them to be very annoying, they have a way of skewing the entire landscape of the season by making front-runners before a game is even played! So after a few weeks I think you can kind of make a sense of what is occuring right now in the scene. Obviously USC is still #1, although i cant help but think that if they didnt have pre-season polls LSU would have taken that honor after their humiliation of Virginia Tech in week 2. LSU, Oaklahoma, and the defending Champs, Florida round out the contenders for the top spot. After that the water is still a little murky, but I'll try to make some sense of it.

#10: Penn State- A homer pick you say? I say no, they havent played any big time teams but what they have done is play defense. Their defense is easily in the top 5 in the country with leaders like Sr. Dan Connor, a sure fire 1st rd pick, and Jr. Sean Lee, a future Dan Connor(who was a future Paul Posluszny) and a shutdown corner in Jr. Justin King, this team can hang with some of the best...Next Week: At Michigan

#9: Rutgers- A very nice squad Greg Schiano has going over there in Jersey, again like PSU they havent played any juggernauts yet but they will: WVU, Lousiville on the road, and now South Florida appears to be a contender for the Big East title. One thing that is not in question: Ray Rice...he is quite good...Next Week: Maryland

#8: Ohio State- The Buckeyes looked VERY questionable throught their entire 2nd game against Akron, where they were ahead 3-2 at half time and eventually won 20-2. They looked questionable again for the 1st half against Washington, but in the 2nd half it looked like they were getting into a groove, finally putting the Huskies away 33-14 in an impressive win against Ty Willingham's upstart team....Next Week: Northwestern

#7: Texas- A very veryshaky game at Central Florida, they were lucky to walk away with the win, but they did. Every team is bound to have a game where they barely escape though, I see they have a couple of games before the Red River Shootout, I think they will get it together by then...Next Week: Rice

#6: California- Cal has been pretty impressive this year, the big win against Tennessee and a round trouncing of La. Tech this weekend. Nate Longshore has been pretty consistent, completing 66% of his passes so far. Their schedule is back loaded with Oregon in 2 weeks, USC later in the year and then at Washington,ask OSU they'll tell you Husky Stadium can get pretty loud...Next Week: Arizona

#5: West Virgina- Gotta love a team with 2 Heisman canidates right? Well yes but the defense is something not to love at all. With Steve Slaton and Pat White running all over the opponents(not to mention the freshman Noel Devine, he might be faster than Slaton!) it might not matter but their D is waiting to be tested...Next Week: East Carolina

#4: Oklahoma- They came into the season with the best defense in the Big 12 and some very fast youngsters at the running back position, the big question mark for them would be the QB position...well HELLO Sam Bradford the freshman has been outstanding, completing 79% of his passes and throwing 11 TDs in 3 games. All those games have been at home however so we are still waiting to see what they can do on the road...Next Week: at Tulsa

#3: Florida- The defending champs, I was pretty skeptical about them coming into the year, the loss of some playmakers on both Offense and Defense as well as Tebow finally getting all the snaps but I was suprised as hell when I watched the Gators systematically destroy Tennessee this weekend. Tebow has been great, I think they will be rolling until Oct. 6th when they have to play in Baton Rouge against LSU...Next Week: at Ole Miss

#2: USC- USC, the pre-season #1 pick, I have to admit the impressive display they put on against Nebraska in Lincoln was very convincing, they are definitely a top 2 or 3 team this year, but as of RIGHT NOW they are not the best team in the nation, yes they played Nebraska on the road, but the win wasnt impressive enough for me to move them back up to "where they belong"...Next Week: Washington State

#1: LSU- The Tigers, in my very humble opinion are indeed the number one school in the country. Why? Because they have played more quality opponents than USC has, yes I know USC had a by and thus one less game played as of now it doesnt change the fact that LSU went into Starkville and beat a Miss. State team who is far better than the Idaho team that USC beat in their opener, and on top of that even though the game against Va. Tech was in Baton Rouge, Va. Tech is a better team than Nebraska is. LSU will be rollin until that meeting with Florida, that will certainly be a game to watch...Next Week #12 South Carolina


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