Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 4 Picks Re-Cap(GOT IT-MISSED IT)

It figures that the week I decide to publicize my picks, which had been pretty good so far, that I totally bomb.
Week 4 totals: 5-5
Washington State at #1 USC: I got that one right, almost the score too. USC: 47 Wash St.: 17 GOT IT

Iowa at #9 Wisconsin: Closer than I expected but still the same result. Wisc.: 17 Iowa: 13 GOT IT

#12 South Carolina at #2 LSU: Some hi-jinks by LSU left SC in the dust. LSU: 28 S.C.: 16 GOT IT

Georgia at #16 Alabama: So close! Alabama fought to get it to OT but in the end they just weren't tough enough. Georgia: 26 Alabama: 23 MISSED IT

Connecticut at Pittsburgh: I got this one completely wrong UConn rolled. UConn: 34 Pitt: 14 MISSED IT

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State: The Red Raiders offense didn't disappoint, scoring 45, unfortunately their Defense did giving up 49. OSU: 49 Texas Tech: 45 MISSED IT

Maryland at Wake Forest: Almost nailed this one dead on. Wake Forest: 31 Maryland: 24 GOT IT

#21 Kentucky at Arkansas: Got killed on this one, Andre' Woodson looks like the real deal. Kentucky: 42 Arkansas: 29 MISSED IT

North Carolina at #23 South Florida: Another good prediction, I seem to only be able to do that in the games that don’t matter. USF: 37 UNC: 10 GOT IT

#10 Penn State at Michigan: I knew it would be a close one, anyone who took the over on this game should never bet again, but Morelli broke your Hart, again. Michigan: 14 PSU: 9 MISSED IT

Could have been worse but I hope I never have another showing like that again.

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