Monday, October 15, 2007

3 Reasons Why Penn State won on Saturday

What a great win for the Nittany Lions on Saturday, I haven't felt that great leaving a game in a long time, everything seemed to click. It will be hard to narrow down the reasons to 3 but I believe there were some factors that out weighed some others.

1) Running Game- This was the #1 reason the Lions won last week but it can not be understated how vitally important a running game is. Rodney Kinlaw looks like a very versatile back and he is a lot tougher than I had previously suspected, big props go out to him. Evan Royster continues to impress averaging 8.5 yards a carry on Saturday to give Penn State a great 1-2 punch on the ground. This helped Penn State dictate the pace of the game and control the clock.

2) Smart Play, Play-Calling- This is something that was missing from every other game this year. Anthony Morelli was having trouble sitting in the pocket and making his throws all year so on Saturday they set up a couple of plays where he rolled out of the pocket and was able to have more time to make a play, a brilliant idea. We all know Morelli CAN make the throws but it rarely ever executes those throws, on Saturday he did and made no dumb plays that put the ball into jeopardy. I loved the 4th and 1 call, unfortunate that a timeout had to be used to get everything straight though.

3) Defense- The backbone of this team and this season. Connor and Lee were stellar yet again each with 12 tackles. Maurice Evans is becoming my favorite player to watch on defense, he had 2 more sacks giving him a season total of 7. This D can swarm to the ball. Another great statistical day for them as well: 5 sacks, 6-16 3rd down conversion, and held PJ Hill to a season low of 75 yards….if only they played that well against Mike Hart…

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