Wednesday, October 3, 2007

College Football Top 10 Vol.III

A whole bunch of mix ups going on in this weeks top 10, teams are flying in and zoomin out, this wacky full moon college football weekend was just what the doctor ordered for an otherwise bland season so far and this week has a slew of games that will be integral in the shaping of the BCS scene.

#10: South Carolina- To me if you lose to Colorado like Oklahoma did you do not deserve to make the top 10, on the other hand the Gamecocks only lost to LSU in Death Valley, we'll see how good they are when they get to play Heisman Hopeful Andre' Woodson. Next Week...#8 Kentucky

#9: Florida- Florida gets to stay in the top 10 because they lost to a much better team than Colorado (Auburn), Tim Tebow is still in the running for the Heisman if he can show up against LSU this weekend. Next Week...At #1 LSU

#8: Boston College- A real winner from the weekend of upsets, the Eagles struggled to beat UMass but they are still the only undefeated team left in the ACC. Next Week...Bowling Green

#7: Kentucky- This team is rising very fast up everybody's radar; they own an undefeated record and have a top candidate in the Heisman race. The team is beating up on their cupcakes, destroying FAU 45-17, and showing that maybe they do belong in the upper tier of teams this year. Next Week...At #11 South Carolina

#6: Wisconsin- Another weekend, another win by the chin of the Badgers. Can this team beat anyone convincingly? They better shape up or they will be in deep when they play their next slew of games, at Illinois and at Penn State. Next Week...At Illinois

#5: South Florida- This team really showed something last Friday, beating WVU really quite handily even if Pat White was hurt. A win at Auburn and this win of WVU gives them wins of two ranked opponents more than anyone can say about any other team this year, save for Cal.

#4: Ohio State- Easily the best team in the Big Ten, after getting off to a slow start I think they found their niche, could easily be undefeated this year. Next Week...At #23 Purdue

#3: California- Big wins over Tennessee and Oregon gives the Golden Bears the best resume so far this year, now the are in a situation where all they have to do is not mess up before the big game against the Trojans. Next Week...Oregon State

#2: USC- Finally the AP agrees with me but I disagree with them changing their mind at this point, I mean USC BEAT Washington, IN Washington. You can't lost a spot if you win can you? Next Week...Stanford

#1: LSU- The Tigers had a rough 1st half against Tulane but they turned it around went on to put a beat down on the Green Wave. Next Week...#9 Florida

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