Tuesday, October 16, 2007

College Football Top 10 Vol.V

More shake-ups this week in the top 10, I don't think I have had any team in the same spot for more than one week this year (besides LSU at Number 1 til they lost) Kentucky is back in and we say good bye to Cal and USC, also a new PAC 10 school makes its debut.

#10: Arizona State- Here she is, the newest member of the top 10, as the Sun Devils continue to win they keep on proving people wrong. There is much to be said about the fact that OSU's biggest win was against Washington, well ASU whopped up on the Huskies this past weekend, look out for the Sun Devils, they have Oregon and USC at Sun Devil Stadium later this year. Next Week...#12 California

#9: West Virginia- This team is coming off of a bye after a big win against Syracuse, just what they needed after losing to South Florida. I like the Mountaineers a lot, I love to watch Slaton and White play and those guys will keep WVU in the Big East title hunt, of course they will need some help from the outside too. Next Week...Mississippi State

#8: Oregon- The Ducks are quickly starting to look like the cream of the PAC 10 crop, another easy win over Wash St. last week, although two key players on their offense (wide receiver Cameron Colvin and running back Jeremiah Johnson). Still waiting for their big match-up with SC, a shame that will have a lot less luster now though. Next Week...At Washington

#7: Kentucky- These guys just don’t quit, mad respect goes out to the Wildcats for showing up and playing the LSU team with all of their hearts and gutting out that 3 OT victory. Andre' Woodson is back on the Heisman track...now all he needs to do is play Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. Next Week...#15 Florida

#6: South Carolina- So let me get this straight, the Gamecocks got to Baton Rouge and lose, then Kentucky goes to Columbia and loses, and then LSU goes to Lexington and wins! That explains how crazy this college football season has been. By they way South Carolina ranks something like 88th in offense.... head ball coach must be loving some Defense! Next Week...Vanderbilt

#5: Oklahoma- the Sooners proved that their game against the Buffs was an aberration. They were down at one point to Missouri but fought back to win by 10. Sam Bradford is still continuing to amaze, if he does this much longer then he HAS to be in the Heisman Race and should at least be a finalist. Next Week...At Iowa State

#4: Boston College- The Golden Eagles are playing well, they are beating all the teams they should beat, their problem is that they haven’t played anyone. Georgia Tech is the closest thing they have to a quality win. Their chance is now to prove that they really are one of the best teams in the nation. Next Week...At #11 Virginia Tech

#3: LSU- The Tigers are they easily the best one-loss team, their Defense in incredible and their offense is very very efficient. Their problem on Saturday wasn’t a lack of effort or concentration. Kentucky is a really good team and they barely missed a field goal at regulation that would have kept it out of OT. If any of the "Undefeated" loses then LSU will be right back up at the top of the standings.

#2: Ohio State- They get no love from because they haven’t played any good teams, their closest attempts at playing a solid team so far has been Washington (2-4) and Purdue (5-2). They have the potential to be the #1 team but there has been no reason to give them such a ranking at this point in time, call me after they beat Penn State in Happy Valley, Illinois, or at Michigan. Next Week...Michigan State

#1: South Florida- I can see it now, people going crazy and thinking I have no idea what I am talking about. "How can you rank the bulls #1?!" they will say. Well let me tell you why: No team so far this year has had a better set of wins than USF has had, at Auburn (#17) and WVU (#9) and they are still undefeated. The rest of their schedule hasn’t been that challenging but those wins stand alone. The only other team to beat 2 top 25 teams is Cal but they also lost to 3-3 Oregon State. Next Week...At Rutgers

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