Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week 6 Picks Re-Cap(GOT IT-MISSED IT)

Finally a winning weekend for the Talented Mr. Know it All. 7-4, a decent showing, something I would like to improve upon though.

#4 Ohio State at #23 Purdue- The Ohio State defense is for real. Holding that high-powered Purdue offense to only 7 points. Purdue made it close but was never really in the game. GOT IT

#25 Nebraska at #17 Missouri- Chase Daniel performed very well in his 1st premiere game throwing for over 400 yds and 2 TDs. Missouri looked great as they rampaged the Cornhuskers by 35. GOT IT

#9 Florida at #1 LSU- A real close game, one that I wasn’t so sure LSU could pull out at one point, but Les Miles is a man with a pair as big as coconuts, his play calling dictated the tempo of the game and brought the Tigers to victory. GOT IT

#20 Cincinnati at #21 Rutgers- The Bearcats overcame a 1st half deficit to beat Rutgers and take control of the Big East. GOT IT

#15 Virginia Tech at #22 Clemson- Got this one way off, Clemson suffered with terrible breaks on punt, kick, and int. returns for TDs by the Hokies and then couldn’t get anything going on the offensive side of the ball. MISSED IT

#12 Georgia at Tennessee- Another one that went COMPLETELY the other way I thought it would, the Vols came to play and trounced the Bulldogs hard. MISSED IT

#10 Oklahoma at #19 Texas- Big game for the Sooners, if they had lost then title contention would be out, Sam Bradford is quickly becoming the man and a nice leader for this team. GOT IT

Kansas at #24 Kansas State- I almost went the other way on this game and half way through Saturday I wish I had, Kansas surprised everyone and took it K. State. A big let down game for the wildcats. MISSED IT

Miami at UNC- The Butch Davis bowl turned out to be a much interesting game that previously expected. Miami is a Jekyll and Hyde team, looking great against A&M and then plays that bad against the Tar Heels. MISSED IT

Iowa at Penn State- I discussed this in more detail in my 3 Reasons Why post but I will again, the Lions played pretty well, they ran the ball very effectively against a good defense and the defense played LIGHTS OUT. You can only hope that continues. GOT IT

#5 Wisconsin at Illinois- I found myself openly rooting for the Illini on Saturday, I like their players, Mendenhall is a great back and that Benn character they got is a beast to be dealt with in the coming years. GOT IT

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