Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 5 Picks Re-Cap(GOT IT-MISSED IT)

Another poor poor performance by the Talented Mr. Know it All, obviously I’m not that talented at knowing it all. Another 5-5 weekend, yikes. Lets get to re-capping so I can forget about this weekend.

#1 USC at Washington 27-24: I got this one (who didn't?) but it was a lot closer than I expected, Washington hung around a lot longer than just the 2nd quarter. GOT IT

Kansas State at #7 Texas 41-21: The 1st in a long line of upsets that messed up my weekend, Kansas State obviously has Texas' number, winning both of the last two meetings. MISSED IT

Michigan State at #9 Wisconsin 34-37: Another win barely eeked out by the Badgers, Michigan St looks like the real deal, they can run the ball very effectively. The Lions better look out for the last game of the season. GOT IT

#22 Alabama at Florida State 14-21: Bobby Bowden had some tricks up his sleeve, playing Xavier Lee, the back up QB. He was pretty impressive and led the Seminoles to victory. MISSED IT

Pittsburgh at Virginia 14-44: I have to admit I didn’t know a whole bunch about this game except that Dave Wannstedt is a poor poor coach. GOT IT

Mississippi State at #16 South Carolina 21-38: Got this one pretty much right on the nose, SC is pretty good, not as good as the other SC though. GOT IT

#6 California at #11 Oregon 31-24: Wasn’t that exciting until the end but once it was, damn, I missed this one by literally inches.

Air Force at Navy 20-31: I said I mailed this one in, and it looks like so did Air Force. MISSED IT

#21 Penn State at Illinois 20-27: What can be said, oh yeah, Morelli for BALL BOY. MISSED IT

#5 West Virginia at #18 South Florida 13-21: I got this one; it should count for more right? USF can flat out play some football. They are recruiting all those athletes that Florida St. and Miami had been getting over the last 10-15 years. Once this program gets its own stadium on campus (I don’t know if that’s happening, but it should the fans were great on Friday night) look out for the Bulls, I could see them being a force on the national scene for the next 10 years. GOT IT

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