Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blue White Roundtable Week 7

This week's questions are from There is No Name on My Jersey (

1. Criminal allegations swirl around the squad — what impact will this have on the team? My own “fall off of my high horse of PSU’s sterling reputation” has been terrible, have you experienced the same?

The impact may not be seen until a couple of years down the road when the new recruits come in, if anything that is the main thing that all of this stuff affects. The team right now might not be impacted by such things because, and I'm not downplaying the seriousness of all these allegations but, the Austin Scott thing and the brawl were the only things that are really troubling, they rest of the nonsense is basic stuff, mostly underage drinking. So this team will not be affected, recruiting maybe in the coming years.

2. Evan Royster provided Penn State with the Spark it needed to get going on Saturday; did he win himself the starting job? If not, how does your depth chart read at RB and why?

I think Kinlaw earned the #1 position in the depth chart last week and also with his play earlier in the year, I would like to see Royster still get 10 carries or more a game because I think he really has talent and should be battle ready to carry the full load next year, but for now let Kinlaw get what he earned.

3. Anthony Morelli gets it done while looking both awful and excellent in the same game. What the hell is PSU supposed to do at QB?

Well what they SHOULD DO is let Morelli play out the year, given he doesn’t completely implode, but give Clark and Devlin some real playing time, these guys will be fighting it out for the starting position and it would be a travesty if they were still wet behind their ears when it comes to game time in 2008, but what WILL happen is that Morelli will play out the year and those guys will get no reps and it will be awful for the program.

Lightning Round

What games are you watching on Saturday?

Well I'll be at the Wisconsin game so anything before or during that is out of the question, I would love to be able to check out that Missouri-Oklahoma game and the LSU game but those will be tough to keep an eye on.

What are your predictions for the second half of the season?

There is a slight chance we could still run the table, soooooooo slight though. If Penn State wins on Saturday, I see the defense winning the game in Indiana and keeping us in the game against OSU. If those games are wins then all of a sudden all there is left is a Purdue team that got shut down by the Buckeyes and MSU. In reality I see another loss somewhere, although I'm not sure where.

Who will be PSU’s MVP come January?

Daniel Connor, Butkus Award Winner

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