Monday, October 22, 2007

Week 8 Picks Re-Cap(GOT IT-MISSED IT)

Above .500 last weekend baby! Finally a tiny break through from this boring 5-5 garbage, yours truly went a whopping 6-4 this weekend!

#14 USC at Notre Dame- Turns out Evan Sharpley plays just as bad as Jimmy Clausen! USC finally looked alive on Saturday and as everyone keeps losing they will continue to creep back up the BCS standings...GOT IT

Michigan State at #1 Ohio State- OSU did show up like the #1 team for most of the game, except for two offensive plays where turnovers turned into TDs. Otherwise a very dominant victory for the Buckeyes, big game this weekend though...GOT IT

#12 Cal at UCLA- Cal burns me AGAIN. How about the Bruins? 4-0 in the PAC 10 with losses to Utah and ND? The Bruins are certainly two-faced...MISSED IT

#17 Auburn at #4 LSU- The LSU Tigers are THE most battle tested team in all of the country, they are 4-1 against AP top 25 teams. I loved the call by Les Miles, and for everyone who is saying, "what if it was incomplete?" when the ball reached the WR there was 4 seconds left, if it is incomplete then there would still be at least 2 seconds left for them to kick a FG. But, no guts no glory right?...GOT IT

#15 Florida at #7 Kentucky- Tim Tebow, welcome to the Heisman Finalists. A great display by Tebow and Woodson, both should be finalists for the Heisman and if Florida wins out Tebow should be taking it home...GOT IT

#24 Texas Tech at #16 Missouri- Way to not show up Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree, once again Tech gets a chance to show they are for real and only shows that they are frauds...MISSED IT

#21 Tennessee at Alabama- ROLL TIDE! Saban gambles on the first play on the game with an onside kick, soon after that the game was clearly Alabama's. The Vols are still an enigma and now looks like they’re about to drown...GOT IT

Miami(FL) at Florida State- Miami outlasts the Seminoles and gets their season sort of back on track, the Seminoles are now in big trouble and can probably only play the roll of spoiler...MISSED IT

#25(USA) Penn State at Indiana- There was indeed a slow start to the game but the offense played well as a whole in the 1st half and could do everything but put it in the endzone in the 2nd, a touchdown or 2 instead of 3 FGs means this game never gets close...GOT IT

#25 Michigan at Illinois- Once again Michigan says hell no to the upset and once again Illinois makes me looks silly. Looks like the Wolverines will be 7-0 heading into the OSU game in Big Ten play; they are a top 10 team if they want to be...MISSED IT

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