Tuesday, October 23, 2007

College Football Top 10 Week 9

More shake ups in the top 10, as usual, this week we see a couple of new kids entering the fray and the yo-yoing of Florida continues, oh and a new #1.

#10 Florida- Can we get a nice welcome back to the Fightin' Tim Tebows! The Gators return to the top 10 lurking at the 10 spot just waiting for BC and ASU to lose, when they do Florida will be the best 2 loss team and don't think they won't get any Championship game pub if they win out and beat LSU in the SEC title game. Next Week...At #18 Georgia (#11 in BCS standings)

#9 Kansas- Don't look now, the Jayhawks are just creeping along in the Big 12, where they don’t have to play Oklahoma or Texas this year. Kansas' only tough game will be against Missouri in Kansas City in their final game of the year, if they win out and somehow beat Oklahoma then there should be no reason why the Jayhawks shouldn't be in the title game. Next Week...At Texas A&M ((#9 in BCS standings)

#8 Virginia Tech- the Hokies look like a different team with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback, he is 5-0 as a starter. The return of Beamer Ball has also coincided with the Hokie resurgence. With a win against BC this Thursday the Hokies will be prime for national attention. Next Week...# Boston College (#8 in BCS standings)

#7 West Virginia- That loss to USF seems like 2 months ago by now. With the constant flux of who is in contention and who is out, the Mountaineers look like their stock is rising. All they need to do is win out and they have just as good of an argument as many other 1-loss teams, of course that quest starts in Piscataway. Next Week...At Rutgers (#7 in BCS standings)

#6 Arizona State- this team suffers from a weak schedule so far, they had a couple nice wins against Washington and Oregon State, but both were at home and when you really look at it those teams aren't very good. ASU is in a category with Kansas and BC: PROVE IT, prove you belong at the top. Next Week...#21 California (#4 in BCS standings)

#5 Oregon- No Jeremiah Johnson? No problem, despite losing their number two running back the Ducks still ran up and unbelievable 465 yards on the ground. A tough loss to Cal is the only thing that is keeping this team from being #1 in the country. Next Week...#12 USC (#5 in BCS standings)

#4 Boston College- You gotta show me that you deserve to be up here guys. This Thursday, show me, show the country you belong. Next Week... At #8 Virginia Tech (#2 in BCS standings)

#3 Oklahoma- A little scare against Iowa State this past weekend but the Sooners emerged unscathed. They, like LSU, just need to keep on trucking and winning and they will be guaranteed a place in the Championship game. Next Week...off 11/3 Texas A&M (#6 in BCS standings)

#2 LSU- Don't tell me that Les Miles call was dumb, it was gutsy, when the ball hit the receiver’s hands there was 4 seconds left, the only thing to kill a chance for a field goal would have been an interception. Next Week...At Alabama (#3 in BCS standings)

#1 Ohio State- The defense is legit, we know that, but the offense can be prone to not scoring. Only 24 points against Michigan State and 23 against Purdue. First test this Saturday. Next Week...At #25 Penn State. (#1 in BCS standings)

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