Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Ten Blogger Roundtable: Week 9

This week the Big Ten Roundtable question come from a true Penn State fan, Black Shoe Diaries (link in link list). Make sure to check out there his wrap up later this week.

1. Pretend for a moment you're the little Japanese guy on Heroes. You can close your eyes, clench your fists, crap your pants and go back in time. If you could go back and change one play for your team this season, what would it be?

A very good question, there has to be 3 or 4 times that I would like to go back and change. If I only have one chance then it has to be the fumble by Morelli at the beginning of the Michigan game. It set the tone for the entire game, let alone give Michigan a chance to score and go ahead that early. If he holds it and even if they have to punt, it puts their Freshman Quarterback back in their territory making it harder to score, after all the defense did only give up 14 points.

2. We're now two-thirds of the way through the season. Everyone likes to debate who will be the Big Ten Coach of the Year. I want to know which Big Ten coach is a complete moron that should be demoted back to fullbacks coach on a team that runs the spread offense?

Well the question asks which coach is a moron but it also mentions the Coach of the Year, this award should and probably will go to Bill Lynch (provided Indiana gets to that elusive 6th win and go to a bowl). Now the moron has a couple candidates but my pick goes to Pat Fitzgerald, but only because....Northwestern lost to Duke....DUKE!

3. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. But the Bible doesn't say anything about your rival. Which current Big Ten player do you most wish played for your team?

Rashard Mendenhall. Rashard Mendenhall. Rashard Mendenhall. (Clicks heels together)

Bonus Question

It's probably too early to start thinking about next year. Well, unless you're Minnesota in which case you've been thinking about next year for a month or so already. Assess your team's future. Was this year your chance to make a run or is this just a rebuilding year with greater expectations in 2008? Or do you plan to suck in 2008 just as much as you suck now?

This Nittany Lions team has a great future! By my count of going over the roster today there are 12 seniors this year, that’s a whole lot of under-classmen. More importantly the defense, the backbone of the team, has only 1 senior on in its starting line-up (this could be wrong I saw on-line the Tony Davis and Tyrell Sales were seniors to go along with Connor, but even if tats true, its only 3 starters that leave) Justin King may leave, but not if he continues to play the way he has the last two weeks. The offensive line has some young talent and the WR/TE core will be intact. Next year could be a nice year for Penn State...I'm not making any predictions in October though.

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