Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Blue White Roundtable Week 6

Hey its time for the Week 6 edition of the Blue White Roundtable!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I'm not to enthralled about it either, this week's questions are courtesy of Black Shoe Diaries. Lets get to it.

Besides the fact that we're 3-2, what has been the biggest disappointment this year?

Are you kidding? Is there any other answer than Anthony Morelli? The kid was suppose to have been mature and able to play the position well, instead I see a guy who struggles to make good reads, gets locked on to his target making it easier for the defense to read his eyes, and poor poor mechanics forcing him to throw the ball underneath causing lots of turnovers.

After the Michigan game the play calling was under heavy scrutiny against Illinois. Late in the third quarter with Penn State trailing by seven points, the Nittany Lions had a third and goal from the one-yard line. They elected to pitch the ball to Rodney Kinlaw over left tackle and the play lost two yards. Then on fourth and goal from the three they elected to kick a field goal. How would you evaluate the play calling on these two plays?

HORRIBLE. Of all the plays to select why would you choose one where it starts by giving the running back the ball 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Austin Scott, of all things, was running the ball pretty effectively, he was averaging 4.3 yards a carry, GIVE HIM THE BALL UP THE MIDDLE! Why wouldn’t that be the smart play? The field goal I have less of a problem with because it was still the 3rd quarter and the defense had been playing all right, not great but all right. They could have made a stop and given the offense a chance to score again.

Is there anything positive we can take out of the Illinois game?

The team ran the ball well, the duo of Scott/Kinlaw ran the ball 28 times for 118 and a TD, if Morelli is to be this ineffective and turnover prone it is vital to keep the ball on the ground and be able to move it up and down the field.

Lightning Round

Who should be the starting quarterback against Iowa?

Well Clark SHOULD start but Morelli WILL start, I've talked about this before the team should have a specific package for Clark to run, some option and spread stuff. It would be very nice for Clark to have some experience besides garbage time before he starts next year.

Joe Must Go! Yes or No?

Yes, if you want this team to be able to play for a National Championship on a regular basis and not every 5 or 6 years then you need to a new coach with a new philosophy. But it will be up to Joe when he guess? 2010 in the bowl game. State College will have an annual Holiday if that happened, classes would be canceled, stores would be closed, people would just sit at home and watch movies from seasons 82' 86' 94' 05'.

Iowa Prediction?

Penn State 23
Iowa 19

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